Leyton is changing. Leyton is popping. New things are happening. New things are opening.

It’s a community that is not precious or pretentious, it’s a place where if you have a good idea you can dive in and make it happen. If it wasn’t a cliché I would say that this part of London is a land of opportunity, but you get the idea.

That’s not all. Leyton lies at the centre of what is proving to be London’s newest and most dynamic cultural and creative district. Surrounded by destination Stratford, artsy Leytonstone and fashionable Walthamstow it’s a place well worth getting to know.

Start with the E List. The E List is about spreading the word not only of what is happening right here right now in arts and culture, but also tales of what has gone before and what people dream of next.

Paul Lindt – Editor