About us

Are we defined by what we have done in the past, or by what we hope to achieve in the future? At Estates 10 we think we can be proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 5 years. We’ve sold and let lots of houses to be sure, but it’s about more than that. We’ve met some amazing people along the way, formed friendships that will last a lifetime, and helped and supported dozens of local causes and events. We’ve also created the unique WVWG (surely the only estate agency in the country to support local artists with a dedicated gallery), as well as the ground breaking E-List magazine, which continues to blaze a trail for all things artistic in Waltham Forest.

But like we said, it’s not about looking backwards, of resting on our laurels. At Estates 10 we only look ahead, not behind. We are constantly evolving, perpetually adapting, always questioning perceived wisdoms and accepted ways of doing things. Because that’s the way we started off, and how we got to where we are today, and to stand still is to go backwards. So we will always be responsive to what is happening around us, because we all live in the same world, don’t we?